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Quality, Short-Run DTG Printing

We provide high quality Direct to Garment printing (DTG ), digital apparel printing. We can print on almost any flat, cotton based material including: hats, hoodies and t-shirts.

If you need small quantities (under 25) DTG can be the most cost effective printing method. Unlike traditional screen printing, there are no film charges. We can print directly from your digital files. The detail that digital printing provides cannot be matched using traditional methods.

How does Digital T-Shirt Printing Work?

T-shirts and tops are the most popular handy garments that we wear and use on a regular basis. We also want a variety in them so that the regular look itself makes us stand out in a huge lot of people. But how far are we able to obtain the ones from the ready-made garment shops and stores? Thus, to help you find what you want the DTG services comes to rescue. Select a design, picture or quote of your choice and have it as a replica image of what you want.

Just keep in mind that the base color and the hues used in the image that you want to be printed on your t-shirt so that they do not clash or stand an oddity. The experts at the printing houses can also guide you on the same. Ask them politely for their opinion, and you will get a good one. Initially DTG was used only on cotton. But now owing to improved and advanced technology it is available on polyester and cotton-poly blends as well. The well developed RIP software in the digital printers help to print garments with better and brighter images even if it is larger in size. Also the cost for getting DTG printing done used to be high earlier, but now it is much within budget and is affordable.

So get your base t-shirts ready and the designs to be printed on them. Do not worry if creativity does not strike you and you are with no designs in hand. The expert designers and professional of the concerned companies are capable of producing extraordinary artwork and designs according to your taste and personality. You can trust them to create a masterpiece for you or rather use their guidance and design your own.

First, check out the samples preferably online, to save time. Then decide the company you want to place your order with. Then depending upon your event type the fabric or base t-shirts will be made ready for you. Next come in the style, design, and image or write-up part. If you do not see its availability in the existing catalogues, you may ask the experts to create something that you want. Then finally your demand will be processed with the DTG technology and you will receive what you had ordered for. Within a few minutes you can have your customized tee-shirt ready. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the experts of the service providers. Make your choice right away!


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